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Sales is the best job in the world
Welcome to Sales Rookie — where door-to-door sales professionals go to review and connect with the best sales companies.
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Land a sales job that doesn’t suck
We’re sick of seeing salespeople get screwed with companies that overpromise and underdeliver. Explore new roles at companies we have personally vetted for high comp and strong leadership.

High commissions

Growth opportunities

Excellent sales training and support

Outstanding sales culture

200+ companies
Browse through over 200 door-to-door companies to find reviews and facts that can help you make an informed decision.
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Connect with trusted companies
Connect with only the best and trusted door-to-door companies.
Apply directly - and privately - to vetted, highly trusted companies you can't find anywhere else
Streamline the recruiting process - set your pay and company preferences upfront.
Know before you go

Before you start selling, get trusted insights into a company's culture and potential earnings by browsing through rep-submitted reviews, giving you the full picture of what the company is really like.

Make informed decisions by viewing commission and pay scales upfront before signing, eliminating any uncertainty.
Gain insight into company culture and potential earnings by browsing through thousands of anonymous reviews posted by sales reps.
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Featuring 5,000+ reviews for 200 companies
Recent Company Reviews
Caliber Communications

Selling dish with the system caliber uses makes it UNREAL easy! On top of the sale being easy we get to lower people’s satellite tv bills. People are always grateful that we showed up and left with them being in a better position. The incentives are ...

Vantage Marketing

I had a great experience working with Vantage Marketing, This was my second summer with Vantage and third overall. I earned over 100k both summers. My managers who each had done 1,000 accounts in a summer both did a personal one on one with me each w...

Dewey Pest Control

This past summer I got to work for this amazing company in California, and I gotta say, it was a transformative experience that exceeded all my expectations.

Training: Their training program is second to none. They don't just provide you with the ne...



Browse the reviews posted by reps in each company. Get a good idea of what you can expect the culture to be like and how much you'll make



Compare companies, get more information, or request a pay scale. Each company offers different perks, incentives, and benefits



When you have found a company or two you like, leave the rest to us. We will get you in touch with a trusted recruiter

Rinse and Repeat until you find the perfect companies for you

Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Compare jobs at the companies you are considering.
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